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Over the last couple of months, the world has changed for all of us and at KAD, we have done a magnificent job of adapting, while being thrust into different roles with a range of competing priorities.

We are in awe of how schools have managed to get to a place where they can begin to open for some students. However, this process has not been straightforward or simple and we are aware of the toll it has been taking on everyone, most especially for a majority of children having this longest break from school and quite possibly public transport.

We had to put a plan in place to welcome these children back onto our network and in order to achieve this, various activities were carried out by the team.

Calls were made to various schools and colleges around our stations. Communication messages were sent to these schools to inform passengers of school resumption dates and best time to travel to avoid congestion and overcrowding.

We had activities planned each date of resumption across 19 of our stations. These activities went on for 3 weeks to raise the awareness of wearing face coverings when using public transport with strict adherence to government guidelines. We also handed out face masks to students as well as DLR branded pencil cases, scrunchy bags and pens. Below are some of the goodies we gave out to the students

We will continue to work closely with these schools to ensure social distancing is maintained when they travel on our network and safety is important in the new normal, we live in.

Welcome back to school: Text
Welcome back to school: Pro Gallery
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