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Friends are vital to our lives and for our mental health. It is often through friends that we learn the most about ourselves. We go on incredible journey with friends and survive adversity standing by them. Through time we develop important emotional connections, which give us the courage to show who we really are on the inside.

In 2020, the world went into lockdown. Many of us lost contact with loved ones, and the daily support of social workers, volunteers and medical staff. A situation of unparalleled proportions in which friends became our lifeline, developing important emotional connections with people, near and far, neighbours, past and present, young and old.

We learned that social distance does not have to mean emotional isolation. According to the World Health Organisation, one person takes their own life every 40 seconds, and many more attempt to. Isolation is a main reason for suicide. Friendship, togetherness, and connection, therefore, are as vital as ever.

With the Friend-Ship photographic project, KeolisAmey Docklands, Back on Track, the NHS and the charity Youmanity wish to reclaim the importance and value of friendship by encouraging you to connect and celebrate the importance of friendship, today, every day!

About Grace Lambert-Phillips

Grace Lambert-Phillips is a documentary photographer specialised in story-telling and fine portraiture. The Friend-Ship Project required Grace to interact with London commuters from all walks of life. The photographer focused her lens on friendship, on what could be caught of its essence. The portraits and statements as to what friendship means to those she met can be admired on this platform.


About Youmanity

Youmanity is a registered charity promoting the importance of social equality and cultural diversity. It does this by delivering a number of cultural projects - most notable among these is a an annual photography award. Photographers tell important human stories by sending Youmanity their works. The charity then selects the most outstanding photographs to showcase in exhibitions on themes ranging from human trafficking, gender discrimination, and age discrimination to disability. This year Youmanity is promoting “Friend-Ship” to help prevent suicide and mental health issues associated with loneliness and social isolation.


FRIEND-SHIP: Get Involved
FRIEND-SHIP: Pro Gallery
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