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Reflecting You

To mark World Mental Health Day 2020,  KeolisAmey Docklands has partnered with the charity Youmanity to deliver a unique and interacting social project: ReflectingYOU.

Using mirrors, Youmanity ’s photographers Davide Giordani and Pietro Rocchetta Casadio explore the idea that humans share far more characteristics than they would like to think.

For sure commuters look different. They come from several different ethnic directions, but they all know what a troubling headache can feel like.

Mental health, however, is much more than this. It can be an invisible and often pervasive, debilitating condition.

Passengers travelling through Heron Quays on 10th October  -  World Mental Health Day – have been encouraged to take part in an unusual social experiment. They have been invited to ‘switch’ places with fellow passengers they have never met before. By switching places it does not mean they will be switching jobs and/or moving into each other’s homes. What did really happen is that photographers Davide and Pietro placed their camera at such an angle that passengers’ head and body will get swapped around.

On 10th Oct, passengers stopping at Heron Quays have been likely to swap gender, ethnicity and general appearance - for a true ReflectingYOU experience!

“ReflectingYOU is an innovative interactive event in which two people become one. A great and simple way to demonstrate that despite our differences, we are made of the same substance, part of the same picture - or portrait! We are delighted to host such a project on the DLR network” explains Marie Popon, Customer Experience Project Manager, KAD.

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